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Chisa Busanga Camp, Kafue National Park

African Travel Tips: How To Travel Safely

African Travel Tips: How To Travel Safely

Chisa Busanga Camp, Kafue National Park ,

Is it safe to travel now? What are the safest places to travel to? The coronavirus pandemic created a lot of concern and uncertainty particularly when it comes to travel; health and safety is on the top of every traveler’s mind.

Since our establishment in 1998, we’ve successfully navigated various crises and global disruptions while tailor-making safari vacations for thousands of travelers from across the world. Safari is not only one of the best ways you can travel because of the direct impact your trip has on protecting wildlife, conserving habitats, employing people in rural communities, and educating children across Africa, it has also been one of the safest. And as we settle into the ‘new normal’, safari will be one of the safest ways to travel anywhere in the world.

Why is Safari a Safe Way to Travel?

1. No Crowds

Pangolin Voyager Houseboat

Unlike train travel, a resort or cruise vacation, you will not come into close contact with large numbers of travellers. Whether you are sitting down for a delicious dinner, enjoying a thrilling game drive or even transferring between camps, social distancing is inherent in the African bush.

Safari camps and lodges are designed to be small and intimate – the amount of rooms or tents can range anywhere between six and 12 – so you feel fully immersed in the wild. Dining at your own table with your travelling partner(s), which has always been spaced a safe distance apart to ensure privacy for guests, now ensures safety as well. Some camps also offer private dining experiences in romantic locations under the stars – a firm favourite for honeymooners. You’ll notice the high staff-to-guest ratio at safari lodges and camps which not only means great service, but cleanliness as well. Your room or tent and all the common areas are immaculately cleaned each day.

The number of guests in a game drive vehicle is also limited to a handful, as are the number of passengers in road transfer vehicles and air transfers between destinations. Safari vehicles are usually open-sided 4X4s, generally seating 6 guests on three rows of tiered bench seats to travel safely and give everyone a great view on game drives. Many safari camps even offer private vehicles for small groups or families travelling together. The light aircrafts used for air transfers are state of the art and expertly adapted to the African safari environment, without compromising on safety and comfort. These aircrafts generally have capacity for only 6 to 12 passengers, but private charter flights are also available.

2. Wide Open Spaces

KaingU Safari Lodge

Fresh air, fresh air, and more fresh air. Not only does safari travel keep you away from crowded places, it provides you with the healthiest natural air to breathe far from commercial industries and pollution. There’s nothing quite like being in the African wilderness, breathing in the clean air of these protected wildernesses, and feeling one with Mother Nature.

An average day on safari will see you spending around four to six hours on game drives in the great outdoors. Generally, you’ll go out early in the morning and then again in the late afternoon – and if you stay in a private reserve, you’ll even be able to go on night game drives to discover Africa’s fascinating nocturnal creatures. Private reserves and selected parks also offer guided nature walks, which is another fantastic way to explore the great outdoors and experience Africa with all your senses.

Some camps offer picnic-style breakfasts or lunches during game drives, which takes al fresco dining to a whole new level. Back at camp, you can enjoy an afternoon siesta in the comfort and privacy of your tented suite, while at night you’ll sit in awe under a never-ending blanket of stars as a cosy campfire roars like a distant freight train.

3. Every Detail is Taken Care Of

Baines' River Camp, Lower Zambezi

Is it safe to go to Africa? Well, Africa is a BIG place and putting together a safari that runs like clockwork can be a complicated process. It requires threading many logistical needles – which makes it vital to work with a travel agency that’s based in Africa. When both your satisfaction and your budget are at risk in a destination with foreign cultures, unusual logistics and a diverse offering of accommodation, you want an expert on your side to ensure safe travel in Africa. Someone that’s totally plugged in and understands the important cultural ins-and-outs of the continent.

For over twenty years, we’ve lived our ethos of ‘we know because we go’. All our Africa Travel Consultants are permanently based in Africa, are well-travelled on the continent and have extensive first-hand experience with the destinations they recommend. Being based in Africa means we continuously have members of the team discovering and inspecting new lodges, camps, experiences and activities to ensure that every itinerary is tried and tested.

Southern Dynasty Safaris is a full-service partner for your safari vacation. Our Experts match your preferences, travel wishes and budget to carefully selected accommodations and activities. We take care of every little detail, so you don’t have to. Every flight, every activity, every accommodation, and every chaperone or guide who meets you at each transfer point… from A to Z.

When it comes to going on vacation in a destination like Africa, having an agent’s trusted network of suppliers and 24/7 back up offers absolute peace of mind – which is a big part of relaxing on holiday. Even if nothing goes wrong and all the logistics run as smoothly as silk, you’d want to know that you have professional support 24/7 on the ground – not at a call centre in another time zone.


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