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The Kalahari may be a desert, but what a desert it is. The seemingly never-ending plains dominate central Botswana and are part of the largest continuous sand basin on earth.

Established as a sanctuary for the San bushmen in 1961, the reserve was until very recently closed to the public and even today only very few make it to this wild and untouched expanse of pristine land.

But those who do embark on a Kalahari safari can look forward to remarkable sightings of the powerful black-maned lions of Deception Valley, interactions with fascinating San tribesmen and the most phenomenal stargazing on the planet

Central Kalahari Game Reserve
Track the Kalahari's wildlife on a game drive

Within the super remote Central Kalahari as dawn breaks or dusk approaches, your expert guide will lead you on a game drive journey across this untouched desert landscape.

Traverse the Kalahari in search of big cats, meerkats surveying the scene from rocky outcrops and if you’re around between November and April, herds of gemsbok.

Stop for a refreshing cup of something hot or a sundowner before you return to camp.

Kalahari Safari in Botswana
Meet the San people and learn about their culture

When you picture the Kalahari, it might conjure up images of endless desert but we’d like to introduce you to the San people.

As the keepers of this land and the oldest culture on earth, the chance to meet a member of this nomadic community is not one that comes around often.

Head out with a local guide to meet the people who have mastered a life in the seemingly unlivable desert and see how they make bows and arrows from the flora, use plants to quench their thirst and make a fire with zero matches.

Discover the smaller wildlife on a bush walk
Discover the smaller wildlife on a bush walk

Strap on your safari boots for a bush walk to remember!

In the sun-drenched Central Kalahari, you’ll join a bush-wise guide on a intimate walk through nature where the tiniest details come into focus.

Spot the scuttling Milkwood leaf beetle with its technicolored coat, find hidden burrows of animals big and small, and learn to find tracks amongst the golden grass.

Your guide doesn’t miss a beat and without the hum of a 4×4 to distract, you’ll have the chance to lean in close. The grasses aren’t as high between May and September, which makes it the best time for a bush walk.


Things To Do & Where To Stay In Central Kalahari

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Kalahari Safari in Botswana

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