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The incredible Kruger National Park is undoubtedly southern Africa’s most famous game reserve well known for its outstanding variety of wildlife.

It’s not just the national park that attracts attention either; the enormous private reserves around Kruger – the Sabi Sand and Timbavati to name a couple – are some of the most wildlife-rich areas in the world, packed to the rafters with prowling predators.

If you have just a few days for a safari and want to see as much wildlife as possible, then these are the places for you. Here, accommodation ranges from uber-luxurious lodges to simple, tented camps. But whichever you choose, your Kruger safari experience is guaranteed to be one to remember.

Search for the famous big five of the Kruger
Search for the famous big five of the Kruger

Of all the Kruger’s wild and woolly creatures, the Big Five induces the most gasps – and with good reason!

At sunrise (or as sunset approaches), depart from camp on a game drive with your expert guide to track Africa’s most famous quintet.

Explore the rolling savannah, lush valleys and river banks where you may spy a languid leopard on a branch, elephant splashing in the water, rhino and buffalo snuffling in the grass and a pride of lion snoozing in the shade of a fever tree.

Kruger to Cape Luxury Escape
Capture your best shots on a photographic safari

Armed with your camera and your creativity, depart from camp in the golden hour (sunrise or sunset).

Your guide will lead you on a 4×4 drive to find the ultimate photo opportunities, whether it is herds gathered around waterholes, a leopard slinking into a tree after an evening of hunting or elephant marching across the savannah.

Get tips on framing, angles and letting nature take the lead from photography experts and return to camp with a reel of epic snaps!

Madikwe Hills Private Game Lodge
Track the Kruger's wildlife on a game drive

A safari in South Africa isn’t complete without a game drive in the Kruger, a stomping ground of the Big Five and a plethora of other wildlife.

Depart from camp as dawn breaks or in the cooler afternoon, as your guide introduces you to the wonders of the Kruger.

Keep your binoculars at the ready to spot the hordes of plains game (especially in the centre of the park), hippo yawning from the river and the endangered African painted dog.

Our pick for the best time to go is in the quieter months of April – May and October – November. Stop for refreshments under the limbs of a baobab before returning to camp.

Search for the endangered Black and White Rhino
Search for the endangered Black & White Rhino

Make it your mission to see the endangered rhino of the Kruger on a niche game drive that’s sure to garner some fantastic sightings.

Led by the expertise of your guide, journey into the plains of the south in search of the wide-lipped white rhino where they stoically graze and roam.

To see the more elusive black rhino, you’ll venture closer to the bush thickets where they browse on succulent leaves.

Marvel at these jurassic creatures as your guide fills you in on the efforts to conserve rhinos for generations to come

Madikwe Hills Private Game Lodge
Kruger National Park walking safari

As South Africa’s true safari darling, the Kruger is also chock-a-block with critters of the smaller variety.

Chuck on your walking boots for a few hours of exploring the reserve on foot, with a seasoned guide to share the secrets of the bush with you.

Spy on the plentiful birdlife in one of Africa’s largest fever tree forests, examine the earthy trails for porcupine quills and honey badger tracks and spot the shiny shell of a rhino beetle.

Adjust your focus to truly appreciate the finer details on this close-up walk through nature.

If you’re lucky, you may even see a rare and endangered pangolin! This makes a fantastic post-game drive or pre-lunch activity.

Kruger to Coast Package
Search for Krugers's elusive leopards

Perhaps the most elusive member of the Big Five, the leopard, ranks highly on most safari bucket lists and the private reserves on the western edge of Kruger are just the place to find them.

Venture out on a game drive where your expert guide will take you to the known haunts of the local leopards.

Although they are masters of camouflage, leopards spend their days draped over tree branches near the Kruger’s coursing rivers.

Keep your eyes peeled for its distinctive silhouette and swishing tail!


Safaris in Kruger National Park

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