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Legend has it that when the explorer David Livingstone arrived on the shores of Lake Malawi, he observed thousands of lanterns on fishing boats shimmering across the vast expanse of water, and called it “The Lake of Stars”.

Today you might not find quite as many fishing craft on the enormous, freshwater lake, but you will find hundreds of colourful cichlids flitting beneath the gin-clear water, crescents of golden-sand beaches and a smattering of idyllic lodges cocooned on the shoreline.

Snorkeling, diving, boating and kayaking are all on offer to pass your days, or you can simply sit back and gaze at the sun-dappled lake in all its calm, serene and peaceful glory.

Mumbo Island Camp, Lake Malawi
Explore Lake Malawi

May is a prime month to visit Lake Malawi, a freshwater paradise between Malawi and Mozambique.

The famed regions of Cape Maclear, Likoma Island and the slightly more intimate Mumbo Island are internationally renowned for their beauty and wonder.

The glowing green waters, powdery beaches and exceptional tropical diving provide entertainment no matter what the fancy.

Don’t waste a moment and explore the tropical fish beneath the glassy surface, get active with the numerous watersports or just lay back and relax as the day unfolds.

Snorkel with endemic fish in pristine Lake Malawi
Snorkel with endemic fish in pristine Lake Malawi

Float above thousands of colourful fish in Africa’s great Lake Malawi.

This huge body of freshwater hosts perhaps the largest number of fish species of any lake in Africa. Due to the Lake’s high alkalinity, it also has an amazingly high proportion of endemic brightly-coloured fish. This makes for an amazing snorkelling experience in the clear, turquoise water beside your lodge.

There are also few plants and organic material in the lake, which makes for amazing visibility above the sandy and rocky bottom.

Dive into the waters and get lost in this gin-clear paradise, as you search out new species of fish, or just sink to the floor and let your body float up to the surface as all your troubles melt away.

Sailing Lake Malawi
Sailing Lake Malawi

The waters of Lake Malawi are free of tides or currents and excellent for sailing.

Winds are rarely very high but there’s always a breeze for sail boats.

If you’re not confident of your own sailing skills, board a skippered catamaran or yacht to experience the freedom of sailing with the wind in your hair.

Lake Malawi hiking trails
Lake Malawi hiking trails

Stride out on to one of the nature trails that wind around huge granite boulders, confident in the knowledge that there are no venomous snakes or dangerous animals on the island.

Walk through woodlands of baobab, fig, mahogany and miombo trees and enjoy the views out over the lake.

Lake Malawi Watersports
Lake Malawi Watersports

Lake Malawi is an inland sea with lovely beaches and warm fresh water where you can indulge in your passion for water sports, from sailing to kayaking, water-skiing to parasailing.

It’s also a superb place to snorkel or dive among a blaze of bright fish.

If you want to chill, go birding on a boat cruise.


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