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The magnificent Okavango Delta in the north of Botswana is a large inland delta. The Okavango River is the only perennial river in Africa the flows eastward and do not reach the ocean. The Okavango Delta is one of the largest freshwater wetlands that is south of the equator and consists of more that 150 000 islands that differs from several metres to more than 10 km in size when it is in flood.

The source of the Okavango river is in the Angola highlands and its seasonal flooding reaches the delta in Botswana between March and July. This is great when migrations of game comes from the dry inland of Botswana.

The major activity on the delta is to experience a guided game viewing from a mokoro (traditional dug out of a tree trunk) boats. The delta is a fantastic area for wildlife and it is also a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site and the Moremi Game Reserve help to protect it. The dry oasis of the Okavango Delta is famous for its wildlife. This famous safari destination in Botswana has some excellent Okavango Delta safari lodges and camps.

Track the Okavango's wildlife on a game drive
Track the Okavango's wildlife on a game drive

Where the glimmering waterways of the Delta meet the arid Kalahari in a twist of fate, there are few better places for an epic game drive.

Take your pick from a dawn or dusk (or a combination of both) safari where your expert guide will take you on a journey across the lush landscapes, splashing through shallow waterways and exploring the plains.

Keep your binoculars at the ready to spot the world-famous wildlife of the Delta. Massive herds of elephant and buffalo gather in the natural channels along with red lechwe antelope, and the flash of an African painted dog makes for a startling sight! After a steaming cuppa or celebratory cocktail to finish, you’ll return to camp.

Maun to Mahé Package, Okavango Delta & Indian Ocean
Glide along the water on a Mokoro Safari

When planning your Okavango Delta safari, there’s sure to be one word on your lips, ‘mokoro’.

Many water-based lodges offer a scenic ride on these traditional dugout canoes where you’ll depart in the early morning or late afternoon to traverse the liquid passageways with your guide at the helm. No one knows the Delta better!

Take this time away from the rumble of a 4×4 to spot the smaller creatures of the Delta, from tiny, emerald frogs clinging to the reeds and vivid birdlife flitting between the papyrus.

You’ll also navigate round wallowing hippos and see members of the Big Five drinking on the banks. A true fluke of nature, the dry season months of July to October are when the Delta is at its fullest


Okavango Delta Safaris & Lodges

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Kalahari Safari in Botswana

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