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South Luangwa National Park is located in eastern Zambia, and is recognised as one of the best wildlife sanctuaries in the world. This spectacular park can be accessed by air transfers or safari drives. The landscapes of South Luangwa National Park are covered with thick woodlands, lush grasslands and natural waterhole.

The incredible natural surroundings attracts wildlife such as elephant, lion, leopard, genet, civet, bushbabies, hyena, serval and a diversity of antelope. Birding enthusiasts can take delight in the sightings of over 400 species of birds while on a Zambia safari tour.

South Luangwa National Park accommodation is offered in at luxury lodges. Activities in South Luangwa National Park includes game drives, bush walking safaris and birdwatching.

See below for South Luangwa National Park safaris in Zambia.

Luangwa Discovery Safari
Track wildlife on a game drive

Whether you’re watching elephant crossing the mighty Luangwa River, home to one of Africa’s largest populations of hippo or enjoying the birds flittering above oxbow lagoons, Zambian safaris don’t get much better than in the South Luangwa.

The park allows open vehicles, which should prick up your ears – it means 360° wildlife-spotting and incredible photography.

Your safari is led by an expert guide, who knows every creature in the park and how to follow their trail. Most camps offer two drives a day (one early in the morning and one later in the afternoon, continuing into the night) allowing you to really get to grips with all the park has to offer, broken only by bonnet tea breaks or sundowners in a scenic location.

Flatdogs Camp, South Luangwa, Zambia
Track wildlife on a guided walking safari

South Luangwa is the birthplace of the walking safari.

You’ll be led by a park ranger and expert guide, trained to decipher the tiniest detail and predict an animal’s movements, often leading to moments unique to a walking safari. And your guide has a bank of knowledge to go with every discovery. Along the way, you’ll cross rivers in between herds of elephant and spy on leopard dozing in a tree, stopping occasionally to examine the handiwork of a dung beetle, admire the birds, or for a well-earned cup of tea.

Seeing wildlife undisturbed and in their own element, from the smallest critters to the biggest, this is a walking safari in South Luangwa. For the most comfortable and lucrative conditions, June to September is the best time to go.

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Spend the night fly-camping under the stars
Spend the night fly-camping under the stars

There’s something about sleeping under the stars that’s utterly magical. And a sleep-out safari in the South Luangwa isn’t any old camping!

You’ll be spoilt with dinner cooked over the campfire, soak up safari tales told by some of the greatest guides on the continent, then curl up under your mosquito net and nod off to the sounds of the Zambian night.

You might just be woken by the sounds of a herd of elephant passing by at midnight, but no need to worry as there is an armed scout on watch throughout the night.

The following morning, it’s bacon and eggs with the sunrise and a walking safari back to camp. Fly camping is at its best towards the end of the dry season (July to September) when the temperatures are warmer and there are fewer mosquitoes.

Safari from your Mountain bike in South Luangwa
Safari from your Mountain Bike

The South Luangwa may have made its fame with the walking safari, thanks to its vast terrain, exquisite wildlife and powerhouse river. Happily, these traits also make it the place for an epic biking safari.

They’re certainly fun and a brilliant way to keep active in the bush, covering more ground than on foot but keeping a lower profile than a 4×4.

Plot your course along the rushing Luangwa River where elephant gather to drink and splash, hippo glisten in giant pods and the flicking tail of a leopard is enough to stop your heart.

You’ll park in a scenic spot along the way to sip on something cool before cycling on. In the South Luangwa, these cycling safaris are only offered by a select few lodges so choose carefully.


Safari in South Luangwa National Park

$6,556 $6,056 South Luangwa Luxury and Kafue Wilderness
$27,800 Zambia Family Safari Holiday

Zambia Family Safari Holiday

Family Friendly 0 review(s) 15 days
$4,390 $4,023 Luangwa Discovery Safari

Luangwa Discovery Safari

Nature & Wildlife 0 review(s) 9 days
$5,505 $4,470 Thornicroft’s Safari

Thornicroft’s Safari

Family Friendly, Honeymoon Holiday 0 review(s) 9 days
$6,885 Luangwa Valley and Lake Malawi

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